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The Wiedemann precision tamper is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality. Hand-made in the Wiedemann manufactory, this tamper has a unique design that ensures a perfect espresso every time. The 58.5mm diameter fits perfectly with your precision portafilter basket (such as VST or IMS), allowing you to experience the full flavour of your espresso shots consistently.

This tamper is made from wood sourced from sustainable forestry and features a sleek design that makes it comfortable to use and easy to store away after use. With its precision fit, you can be sure that the tamping pressure is uniform for each shot of espresso for maximum flavour extraction potential. The handle features an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable and easy to hold.

The Wiedemann precision tamper is the perfect tool for baristas and espresso enthusiasts looking to take their espresso game to the next level. With its precise fit, perfect tamping pressure, and ergonomic design, this tamper will help you craft delicious espresso shots for years to come.

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