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  • Cafelat Corner Tamping Mat

    The Cafelat corner tamping mat is a unique and innovative solution for those baristas who like to tamp with the portafilter on the edge of the table. The compact size...
  • Concept Art/Joe Frex Stainless Steel Tamper Base

    A stainless steel base compatible with Concept Art/JoeFrex handles:- Technik- Elegance- Exclusive- Pop- Galaxy Note: The Concept Art tamper bases are not compatible with Reg barber tampers. Please click here for Reg...
  • Cafelat Small Flat Tamping Mat

    Flat tamping mats are a must-have accessory for every barista workstation. In busy coffee bars they give baristas much needed cushioning when tamping hundreds if not thousands of times per...
  • Cafelat Espresso Rubber Wood Tamper

    The handle is made from Rubber Wood, which is commonly used for a lot of wooden children's toys and other kitchen utensils. It is then given a durable lacquer finish....
  • ECM Coffee Leveler

    Making a perfect cup of coffee means using quality tools to help reduce variables to ensure you are consistent each time. Good grind distribution and a level puck in the...
  • Accessories,Espresso Machines - Rocket Espresso Tamper
    Sold Out

    Rocket Espresso Tamper

    Solid Stainless Steel with the Rocket Logo. A very heavy high quality tamper.
  • ECM Coffee Distributor

    Making a perfect cup of coffee means using quality tools to help reduce variables to ensure you are consistent each time. Grind distribution is one of the many variables that...
  • ECM Tamping Stand

    The practical tamping station helps to optimise the tamping pressure providing an even better extraction of your coffee. Please note that we cannot ship ECM products into the United States.
  • Cafelat Tamping Seat - 4 Colours

    This is a nice seat to rest your tamper on. It can also be used as a miniature tamping mat. Food grade silicone and available in four colours.
  • ECM 58mm Tamper w/ Olive Wood Handle

    Ergonomic olive wood handle with a 58mm stainless steel base. The olive wood is characterized by the thin and irregular texture that makes each item a unique piece. Perfect for...
  • ECM Pressure Regulating Tamper

    For a consistent tamping pressure   Handmade in aluminium and stainless steel Tamping pressure: approx. 20 kg Weight: 450 g Diameter: 58 mm Please note that we cannot ship ECM products into...
  • ECM Flat Tamper - 58mm

    The classic ECM tampers: Finest handcraft for the optimum pressure Lower part in solid stainless steel Total weight 400 g Handle in high-quality Bakelite Available in convex or flat bottom...
  • Cafelat Espresso Walnut Wood Tamper

    The walnut handled tamper is pure luxury. Each wood handle is crafted by Paul in-house and is carefully sanded, oiled and buffed to a silky smooth finish, a process that...
  • Cafelat Mirror Tamping Stand

    The Mirror Tamping Stand was designed by Paul Pratt to be as completely different as anything else on the market. Paul also designed the Bumper tamping stand which changed the...
  • Cafelat Espresso Zebra Wood Tamper

    A lighter wood that produces some real gems that are just gorgeous. The least dense of all the woods.The base is a different shape to our other tampers and made...
  • Cafelat Espresso Premium Tamper

    The Espresso Premium tamper featuring a combination of different materials - in this case the middle section is a luxury walnut wood whilst the crown part is made from aluminium...
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