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  • Accessories - PuqPress Automatic Tamper 2.2 - 2 Sizes
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    PuqPress Automatic Tamper 2.2 - 2 Sizes

    The original precision tamper. The only way to ensure perfect tamping, carefully designed and engineered by coffee lovers in the Netherlands. Control the pressure and you can be absolutely sure...
  • Accessories,Espresso Machines - Profitec Tamping Tom Tamper
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    Profitec Tamping Tom Tamper

    The tamper is an important tool for making espresso. By tamping the grounds tightly, pressure is built up, hot water flows evenly through the coffee grounds and the aromatic oils...
  • Accessories - Joe Frex Stone Age Tamper - 58mm
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    Joe Frex Stone Age Tamper - 58mm

    This is a truly unique tamper. It comes to us from the Joe Frex line from Concept Art from Nuremberg, Germany. The handle is hand crafted from solid granite and...
  • Cafelat Splat Tamping Mat - 4 Colours

    Looking for something completely crazy to brighten up your barista area? Why not have a tamping mat that is shaped like a blob of espresso! It also features a small...
  • Cafelat Espresso Zebra Wood Tamper

    A lighter wood that produces some real gems that are just gorgeous. The least dense of all the woods.The base is a different shape to our other tampers and made...
  • Cafelat Espresso Aluminium Tamper

    Handle is made from a solid bar of high grade aluminium, CNC turned and then expertly given a very fine brushed finish.The base is a different shape to our other...
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