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The KC803 is a scale designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional baristas for both fresh filter coffee and espresso-style brewing. 

Its adaptable LED screen can adjust to different lighting, with a day or night mode available, which can often be a challenge if your coffee station sits close to a window. 

This scale boasts a built in high-precision sensor that reacts to the smallest adjustment in pressure, whilst also utilising a large capacity lithium battery that keeps the scale working for a long time before it needs charging again.

One of the things I really liked about the KC803 was the silicone cover that fully envelops the scale, making it more resistant to spillages of any kind that can easily happen during a busy service in a cafe or when half asleep at home.

The scale has four settings for you to move between, depending on what you are using it for.

‘Automatic mode’ allows a hands-off approach to pour-over coffee by automatically taring itself when setting up your brewer, filter paper and coffee grinds, then starting its timer when it detects the first pour to bloom the freshly ground coffee. 

‘Ratio mode’ is a setting that can help homebrewers achieve the same level of consistency without worrying about how much coffee they want to serve; The second set of numbers displays precisely the ratio of coffee to water which is helpful to get the desired strength.

‘Espresso mode’ tares when it detects the cup is in place, then starts its timer the moment the first drop of espresso hits porcelain. 

‘Manual mode’ keeps it simple by allowing you to tare, start and stop timers with the tap of a button.  

With a long battery life, light adjustable LED screen and full silicone cover, this scale is designed to meet the requirements of professional brewers, making life easier when putting together perfectly crafted coffee.

In the box:

1 Coffee Scale

1 Silicone Cover

1 USB Type-C Charging Cable

1 Instruction Manual

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