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The Mazzer Major VP is a powerhouse of a grinder. With its sleek design, cutting-edge technology, and ergonomic solutions, it's the perfect choice for any coffee shop looking to take its espresso game to the next level.

Mazzer has been innovating espresso grinders since 1948, when Luigi Mazzer took over the family business and shifted its focus from precision machine work to espresso grinders. His son Giovanni would later take over in 1988 and make Mazzer a commercial name.

The Major VP takes all of Mazzer’s innovations and pushes them further with features like an asynchronous motor that allows for higher grinding speeds with fewer revolutions per minute (RPM). This results in less noise and a longer lifespan for the grinder and its components. The GFC (Grind Flow Control) system reduces electrostatic charge, which prevents clumping. At the same time, an adjustable portafilter holder ensures consistent dosing by centring the flow of grinds into your basket every time.

This high-performance grinder also features tailor-made 83mm flat burrs re-engineered with high-performing materials that make it faster while giving it a longer lifespan, as well as electronic features and IoT functionality for greater control over your coffee grinder settings. Not only does this mean you can get consistent in-cup results, but you can also save time by indexing your grind settings with the Memory Track System (MTS).
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