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Like all of their contemporary grinders, Mahlkonig’s E80 GBW is a culmination of nearly a century of grinder design and innovation. Using the most precise grind adjustment available, you can have perfect control over your grind size.

Programmable recipes let you swap between different doses easily and quickly, and a large burr set and the robust motor will keep your cafe running smoothly throughout even the busiest shifts.

Mahlkonig has been hand manufacturing grinders since 1924, contributing innovations to the industry as a whole and steadily improving the art of fresh ground coffee beans for espresso. Every Mahlkonig model is the perfect marriage of form and function.

The E80 GBW utilizes precisely manufactured 80mm flat burrs to create a uniform grind. Its intuitive display allows you to program up to 6 different recipes, and its precise ‘Disc Distance Detection’ system gives you perfect control over your grind size by displaying exactly how far apart the burrs are on its crystal clear display.

With the E80 GBW, you don’t have to choose between quantity or quality. Its actively cooled motor can stand up to high volumes with a design that allows airflow to the motor, keeping it cool.

During an intense rush in a busy cafe, an additional fan is activated to keep the motor cool and prevent burnt and bitter-tasting espresso. The defining feature of any grinder is its burr set, and Mahlkonig’s burrs are a cut above the rest. Using almost a century of history to their advantage,

Mahlkonig has a comprehensive catalogue of different tooth profiles and grinding surface patterns to fall back on, helping them to design and manufacture the perfect set for each grinder. It is often said that espresso ground through a Mahlkonig imparts a sweetness to the cup that is unique to their grinders.

The E80 GBW combines record grinding speed with Mahlkönig’s real-time Grind-by-Weight technology and innovative Disc Distance Detection feature. Add automatic portafilter detection and keeping your perfect grind settings has never been easier - even during rush hour in high-volume cafés. Discover "Grinding Unlimited" and absolute control - with the E80 GBW.

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