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Espresso Machines
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The Nordic Linea Mini by La Marzocco is an invitation to a Nordic dreamscape right in your kitchen.

Imagine waking up to the comforting embrace of twilight-blue panels that seem to have captured the essence of Nordic skies. The reflective aurora-speckling and brass accents aren't mere design elements; they're whispers of the ethereal beauty found in the Nordic region.

But this machine doesn't just sit there looking pretty. It's a powerhouse of innovation, designed to make every brew an artistic endeavour. Dual boilers and an integrated group with PID temperature control ensure that your coffee is always at the perfect temperature as if each cup has its own personal climate. The Pro Touch Steam Wand transforms you into a wizard of frothiness, allowing you to craft velvety clouds of milk with a mere flick of the wrist.

Unlock the secrets of a master barista with the La Marzocco Home Mobile App. Your smartphone grants access to an expert-level control panel, letting you create your perfect coffee like the maestro of your own espresso machine.

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