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It's needless to mention the importance of clean coffee brewing equipment. Even the best quality coffee beans cannot compensate for the impurities a dirty espresso maker adds to your drinks. Its recommended to do a clean water backflush every 10 to 15 shots and at the end of every session as part of your cleaning routine. The Joe Glo Backflush Detergent 25oz (706g) from Pallo is formulated to remove residue, rancid coffee oils and odors from the group heads, lines and valves of your espresso machines. JoeGlo does complete justice with crusty steam wands. This fast acting, low-foaming backflush detergent also contains a water softener to help prevent scale build-up. For the very effective soaking solution- pour a tablespoon of Joe Glo into a quart of very hot water, stir to dissolve and use the solution to soak your portafilter handles, filter inserts and utensils, etc. You can also use it to clean out your steam pitchers, glass pots, urns and thermos'.
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