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The Specialita takes the features of its younger Mignon siblings the Facile and Silenzio, and builds on them. With the addition of a touch screen and an upgrade to the burr set, the Specialita is a compact, beautiful, and fast home grinder that will help you get more quality out of your coffee.

“Eureka has been a leading company in designing and manufacturing modern and elegant coffee grinders since 1920”. No other manufacturer offers the same combination of performance and quality design as Eureka. The Mignon Specialita is a sleek espresso grinder that will bring a touch of Eureka’s modern elegance to your home coffee bar. With

23 different colours to choose from, you’ll be able to match your kitchen or spice things up a little with something unique.

This grinder’s highly responsive touch screen works intuitively and allows you to set up two different doses of espresso, and switch into a manual dosing mode if necessary. It also allows you to lock your timers, so no one accidentally changes your time settings.

The Specialita also offers an uppgraded 55mm burr set with a special ‘Diamond Inside’ coating. The burrs are treated at a temperature of -193 degrees Celsius in order to increase their wear resistance and overall lifespan. For an average household pulling four 18 gram shots per day, this means up to 49 years of use out of this incredible burr set.

On top of its incredible grind quality, the Specialita, just like the rest of the Mignon lineup, is remarkably quiet. Perfect for early risers and light sleepers alike.
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