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Rancilio has been catering to coffee lovers since 1927. Their persistent dedication to performance and quality has earned them a status for producing some of the world's best home and commercial espresso machines and coffee grinders.

The new Rancilio Silvia has set a new standard for coffee machines. The new M V6 version features newly a newly designed grouphead, steam wand and switches. The latest version also ships with a professional tamper with a black wood handle and a 58mm steel base.


The Rancilio Silvia semi-automatic espresso machine is a go-to choice for home espresso known for its features it's including a commercial-grade steam wand, an easy-to-use steam knob and a portafilter handle with a classic look.

The Rancilio Silvia features a heavy-duty brass boiler (capacity 12 oz), chrome-plated portafilter and two commercial-sized 58 mm filter baskets. The Silvia is also ESE pod-adaptable, so you can use convenient Easy Serve Espresso pods by installing a Rancilio Pod Adapter kit (purchase separately) on your Silvia. Wrapped in a stunning brushed stainless steel body, The Silvia is designed to deliver a top-class espresso to coffee lovers for years and years.


Commercial Grouphead

Made of chrome-plated marine brass, the commercial-grade brew group ensures even heat and water distribution and provides a superior brewing environment resulting in highly consistent espresso extraction.

Single Boiler

The Rancilio Silvia's insulated boiler (12 oz.) is made of marine-grade brass. It provides the best steaming powers and quicker recycling times when brewing multiple espressos. The brass construction resists scale build-up and pitting for long-lasting durability. Three thermostats are built into the machine. One monitors the temperature for espresso, the other controls the temperature for steam and the third monitors the boiler to protect it from overheating.

3-Way Solenoid Valve

The three-way solenoid valve is a commercial feature that relieves the water pressure off the coffee when the brew switch is turned off. The valve dries out the used ground coffee in the portafilter immediately after the brewing is finished. So you can straight away remove the handle, easily knock the dried coffee out and reset of the machine for another shot.

Vibratory Pump

The Rancilio Silvia boasts a powerful vibratory pump rated at 15 BAR of pressure to extract maximum flavour from the coffee beans.

High-Grade Portafilter

The Rancilio Silvia M V6 uses a heavy-duty portafilter, which features a newly designed grip handle. The chrome-plated brass portafilter keeps the temperature stable throughout the entire brewing process, thereby producing a great shot of espresso. The Silvia M V6 also comes with two commercial-sized filter baskets (a single and double shot version) which both measure 58mm in diameter.

Easy to Use Controls

The main power switch is located at the center and the brew switch is at the top left that activates the pump. Turn on the middle button on the left to dispense hot water. A switch at the bottom left activates the steam function. When it is turned on the boiler starts heating up to steam temperature. Then turn the steam/water knob located on the side of the machine and start frothing.

Commercial Wand

New with the Rancilio Silvia M V6 is its durable and easy to clean grade stainless steel steam wand with a single hole milk frothing tip that helps you create café-style drinks. Opening and closing the steam tap is a breeze with its redesigned steam knob.
If you want hot water for tea, hot chocolate, Americanos or soup, simply turn on the brew switch and open the steam knob. Hot water will begin to stream out.

Extended Warranty

Rancilio Silvia comes with a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind. It is worth mentioning that iDrinkCoffee.com is an authorized Rancilio Repair Centre.

Large Water Tank

The water reservoir (67 oz. capacity) is removable for easy cleaning.


The Rancilio Silvia M V6 comes with a detailed instruction manual, two filter baskets (single and double), a 7-gram coffee scoop and a professional tamper with a black wood handle and a 58mm flat steel base. 

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