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- Please only apply for the wholesale account if your intended purpose is reselling. If you are looking to purchase for commercial or personal use, kindly contact us with your requirement

- We do not currently offer a dropshipping program.

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Partnership Tiers

Affiliate - Designed for partners who want to be hands off. We will provide you with a link that you can give your customers and you will receive a commission for all of the business that you refer to us. The commission is a sliding scale, the more business that you refer to us the higher the commission. iDrinkCoffee.com handles all of the customer service and fulfilment.

Dealer - Designed for retail stores, roasters, cafes and other businesses who wish to resell our products. In this level, the dealer is responsible for all customer interactions and the entire sale process. iDrinkCoffee.com will handle the warranty service on the products sold. In the event of a warranty claim, the dealer is responsible for getting the product to and from iDrinkCoffee but we will handle parts and labour.

Servicing Dealer - Servicing Dealers get the highest discount and are responsible for all customer interactions like dealers but the servicing dealer is also responsible for providing labour in the event of a warranty claim. iDrinkCoffee will still provide parts but the labour must be done by the servicing dealer.
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