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A masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship, the Rocket Appartamento is one of the most popular machines in the market when it comes to discovering prosumer coffee gear.

This hand-built espresso machine with a commercial grouphead, exceptional temperature stability and large copper boiler gives you a true espresso machine experience while leaving you with the budget to find the best grinder to complement it.

This special limited edition of the Appartamento, the Serie Rossa, is available in a striking red colour, with white side panel inserts and features as standard, a stainless steel cup frame.

Who would this machine suit?

As either a step-up from the kitchen appliances you have tried to get the most out of or as a replacement for a long-serving and well-loved espresso machine, the Appartamento offers you an easily accessible, consistent level of quality that will make you appreciate just how much the machine’s role plays in getting the most out of your favourite coffee beans. 

What we love about it.

Sometimes the overall beauty of machinery is the simplicity they can create for you, and we feel that this is the case with the efficiently designed Rocket Apartamento, and one of the obvious reasons that have made it stand out as one of the most iconic, high-end home espresso machines on the market.

With the Appartamento you can simply ‘grind and brew’, relying on the pre-set variables, like heat and pressure, that focus on getting the best flavours possible from any bean being used. 

The Appartamento is a perfect option for quality espresso machinery that aims to create an easy-to-use process for coffee connoisseurs at all levels of experience.

Whilst the process of using the machine is quite easy, the intricacy of the machine's design shows you what outstanding build quality can offer. 

The commercial E61 grouphead is a sign of when an espresso machine starts to get serious, with the design becoming standard on most quality Italian espresso machines thanks to its level of heat distribution throughout.

A classic-looking robust stainless steel structure protects the precision-engineered mechanical interior, and with regular care and maintenance, will serve as the benchmark of quality for years to come. 

What makes it special?

E61 Grouphead

The E61 Grouphead is a regular feature found on a lot of high-quality Italian espresso machines. Its design helps to evenly distribute heat throughout the machine creating a more consistent temperature which brings more consistency during the brewing process.

Classic Italian Design and Build Quality

One of the biggest draws to this style of machine is the classic Italian design that seems to only change slightly between all manufacturers. 

Rocket are proud of their hand-built traditions, and the level of build quality you get with their machinery has made them a regular fixture on thousands of home and office coffee stations around the world.

Copper Boiler

The 1.8-litre copper boiler gives the Appartamento an amazing amount of power to help create perfectly textured micro-foam, which can be the difference between a good cappuccino, and a great one. 

No Burn Steam and Water Wands

It is far too easy for your hand or arm to lightly brush past the extended parts on the machine which can cause scalding, so by utilizing no-burn wand technology, Rocket had added another level of comfort and safety when working with high-temperature equipment. 

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