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In 1950's MAZZER LUIGI S.R.L. was established as a precision machine workshop and became the topmost manufacturer of commercial coffee grinders and grinder-dosers in few years. Today, Mazzer grinders and grinder-dosers are distributed in over 70 countries and have obtained the prestigious marks VDE (European market) and ETL (U.S. and Canadian market) significant for the safety of the grinders and for the alimentary compatibility of the materials.

The Mazzer Mini (color Polished) is the ideal choice for an espresso enthusiasts home, a small restaurant or a sophisticated office. It's called the Mini because it happens to be the smallest grinder that Mazzer manufactures.

The solid specifications of this grinder include a built-in timer, infinite grind adjustments, powerful 250-watt motor, 58mm high-grade tempered steel burrs and a removable bean hopper with large capacity.

Adjustable dosing system allows the user to change the amount of ground coffee dispensed into the filter handle. Made from only high quality materials the Mazzer Mini is always ready to produce consistent coffee grinds for any purpose.

Please note that all of our Mazzer Mini grinders include a shorter hopper. This is the smallest hopper that Mazzer makes and with it the Mini stands 16.5 inches high. It fits 320 grams of coffee. If you prefer a larger hopper contact us.


Automatic Timer
The Mazzer Mini is equipped with a timer control. The timer can be set for up to 60 seconds of continuous grinding. This is also a safety feature as this grinder is nearly silent when running without beans in the hopper.

Heavy-duty Motor and Grinding Burrs
The unit is powered by a 250 watt motor, which spins the grinding burrs at 1600 RPM. The motor is shock-mounted, meaning there will be no vibration. The Mazzer Mini features heavy-duty burr grinding wheels to crush the large quantities of coffee quicker while imparting very little heat to the freshly ground coffee. The cutting wheel is 58mm in diameter and uses high-grade tempered steel for long life.

Stepless Grind Settings
With its stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment, the Mazzer Mini is capable of very fine adjustments to get your espresso grind just right. Fineness levels can be easily changed using the grind adjustment disc located below the hopper. Turn the grind adjustment disc clockwise to decrease fineness and counterclockwise to increase fineness.

Safety Mechanism
The Mazzer Mini has an overload switch that turns the machine off to prevent any damage due to foreign objects getting stuck in the burrs.

Dosing Grinder with Tamper
The Mazzer Mini is made to be used with virtually any espresso machine. The ground coffee dosing hopper located on the front of the Mini has a capacity of 200 grams or .44 lbs. Rubber coated adjustable dosing lever can deliver 5.5 to 9 grams per pull. A chrome-plated portafilter fork (place where the portafilter rests while you are dosing coffee from the hopper) is located below the dosing hopper. The Mini also features a built-in 54mm coffee tamper that can be mounted on the front of the dosing hopper if you wish.

Compact Coffee Bean Hopper
The latest version of the Mini features the 'shorter ' hopper - total height is 17" from base to top of the hopper, to fit underneath your kitchen cabinets. The hopper can hold up to 1.3 lbs of coffee beans. It is made of heavy clear plastic with a black lid, so that your coffee beans stay fresh as they are protected from the ambient air. You can remove the bean hopper while it still has coffee beans in it.

To clean the grinding wheels and chamber, simply remove the bean hopper then unscrew (clockwise) the grind adjustment wheel until the assembly is free of the machine. Both the stationary grind surface (upper assembly that you unscrewed) and the spinning grind wheel are exposed. You can use a small brush to clean between the cutting burrs. The bean hopper can be removed and cleaned with warm water and mild detergent by hand. Cleaning of the dosing hopper is achieved best with a small vacuum hose and pulling the dosing lever. Please remember that parts of Mazzer Mini are not dishwasher-safe.

The Mazzer Mini comes with a detailed instruction manual, a stainless steel grounds tray and a 54mm tamper.

Please Note: Most Mazzer grinders are tested before they leave the factory, so it 's normal to find coffee grounds in them.
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