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In 1950's MAZZER LUIGI S.R.L. was established as a precision machine workshop and became the topmost manufacturer of commercial coffee grinders and grinder-dosers in few years. Today, Mazzer grinders and grinder-dosers are distributed in over 70 countries and have obtained the prestigious marks VDE (European market) and ETL (U.S. and Canadian market) significant for the safety of the grinders and for the alimentary compatibility of the materials.

Superbly designed the Mazzer Kony Electronic ETL grinder-doser is absolutely perfect for high volume applications and espresso enthusiasts who are very particular about their espresso.

The unit is powered by a 350 watt motor, which spins the 63 mm conical grinding burrs between 420 and 500 RPM. The Mazzer Kony Electronic requires less training to operate since it features programmable dosing.

Once programmed, users need only push the portafilter against the dosing button once or twice to get preset single or double quantities automatically. Made of only high quality materials the Mazzer Kony is always ready to produce consistent coffee grinds for any purpose.


The Mazzer Kony keeps everything simple for you. To warm up the machine, turn the dial on the right side of the machine clockwise to 'I - . In order to turn the Kony on, rotate the knob clockwise to 'START - . Ground coffee will then automatically be dispensed into the doser and will automatically stop grinding once correct amount is dispensed.

Programmable Dosing
The Grinder features a unique electronic dosing system so you can customize single and double quantities to suit the needs of your business. A button at the base of the doser begins the grinding cycle, and is activated when a portafilter is pushed against it. A single press will dispense the preset single shot quantity, and a double press will dispense the preset double shot. With the Mazzer Kony Electronic grinder, you need not bother about getting different results from each dose.

Automatic Grinding Cycle
Its automatic grinding cycle will start the grinder every 12 doses and stop when it reaches the desired amount. It ensures that the supply of freshly ground espresso is always waiting and available for your guests or customers.

Commercial Grade Grinding Burrs
The Mazzer Kony is the most durable and the quietest conical burr grinder. Commercial grade 63 mm conical burrs rotate between 420 and 500 RPM. It allows for slower rotation but a larger cutting surface for even and consistent grind. Beans are ground at a high speed but with little or no heat build-up, thereby preserving the true flavor of coffee.

Stepless Grind Settings
With its stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment, the Mazzer Kony is capable of grinding form very fine (for Turkish coffee or espresso) to very coarse (for French press or drip coffee makers) with ease. Fineness levels can be easily changed using the grind adjustment disc located below the hopper. Turn the grind adjustment disc clockwise to decrease fineness and counterclockwise to increase fineness.

Large Capacity Bean Hopper
The Mazzer Kony includes a removable, large bean hopper (capacity 2.9 lbs) made of clear plastic with a black plastic lid, so that your coffee beans stay fresh as they are protected from the ambient air.

Cleaning and Maintenance
To clean the burrs, unscrew the grind adjustment disc and remove the top burr. Use a cleaning brush or a soft cloth to clean the burrs. The hopper can be removed and cleaned with non-abrasive detergent and warm water.

Please Note: Most Mazzer grinders are tested before they leave the factory, so it 's normal to find coffee grounds in them.

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