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Mavea C150 Purity Water Filter

PURITY Quell ST C150 filter cartridges are designed for the catering, and vending machines.
- These filter cartridges reduce the carbonate hardness in water and thus prevent calcium deposits behind the appliance.
- Heavy metal ions such as lead and copper, cloudiness, organic pollutants and other odors such as chlorine tastes and odors residue filtered.
- Applications include coffee and espresso machines, vending machines for hot drinks and combi steamers and ovens.
Note: Mavea softeners use Hydrogen Ion exchange NOT Sodium Ion exchange!



  C50 C150 C300 C500 C1100
  PURITY C 0–70% filter head with variable by-pass
Capacity1 in liters/US gallons with a temporary hardness of 

coffee/espresso/vending machines

(by-pass setting 40%)

960 L
254 US gal
2,408 L
636 US gal
4,000 L
1,057 US gal
6,800 L
1,796 US gal
11,500 L 
3,038 US gal
Capacity1 in liters/US gallons with a carbonate hardness of 
combi ovens/coventional ovens

(by-pass setting 10%)

660 L
254 US gal
1,656 L
636 US gal
2,750 L 
1,057 US gal
4,675 L
1,796 US gal
7,906 L
3,038 US gal
Max. operating pressure 8.6 bar / 125 psi
Operating/water temperature 4°C–30°C / 39.2 - 86°F
Nominal flow 60 l/h
15.85 US gallons/h
100 l/h
26.42 US gallons/h
Pressure loss at nominal flow 0.25 baräî邃3.6 psi 0.5 baräî邃 7.3psi
Dimensions (W/D/H) 
Filter head including filter cartridge
119/118/286 mm
4.69/4.65/11.26 inch
117/104/419 mm
4.6/4.09/16.50 inch
125/119/466 mm
4.92/4.69/18.35 inch
144/144/557 mm
5.67/5.67/21.93 inch
184/184/557 mm
7.24/7.24/21.93 inch
1.0 / 1.6 kg 2.2/3.5 lbs 1.8 / 2.8 kg 3.7/5.5 lbs 2.8 / 4.2 kg 6.2/9.2 lbs 4.6 / 6.9 kg 10.1/15.2 lbs 7.7 / 12.5 kg 16.9/27.5 lbs
Connections G 3/8" BSP or 3/8" 18 NPT
Operating position Horizontal or vertical
Chlorine reduction
The MAVEA PURITY water filter system has been tested according to NSF/ANSI 42 for reduction of chlorine. While testing was performed under standard laboratory conditions, actual performance of the system may vary.
Average influent concentration 2.1 mg/L
Maximum effluent concentration 0.34 mg/L 0.31 mg/L
Minimum percent removal 83.6% 85.2%
Average effluent concentration 0.21 mg/L 0.25mg/L
Average percent removal 91.4% 88.6%
Rated service flow (gpm) 0.25 US gallons/min 0.44 US gallons/min



 Mavea water filter systems are devoted to alleviating these problems. Mavea Purity C water filter system is designed to reduce the carbonate hardness in drinking water, removing harmful deposits such as lead, copper, and chlorine. Mavea water filter systems accomplishes this by the use of Active Carbon and Ion Exchange softening.

Mavea Purity C water filter systems comes standard with a filter head, a carbonate hardness test kit, and a cartridge. The filter head on top of the system allows 100% of the water to be filtered, including bypass water. You can even control the bypass water, ranging from 0% to 70% (water with low hardness). It has an easy to use locking system; a simple twist of the handles shuts off the water and enables you to remove and replace the filter cartridge.
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