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MAHLKONIG has been producing hand-made electrical grinders and graters since 1924 and each and every creation of Mahlkonig, undoubtedly reflects the perfect marriage of form and function.

Mahlkonig K30 Twin Grinder gives the impression of professionalism. It features two independently controlled grinders and two separately enclosed bean hoppers, each with a 750 gm capacity. K30 Twin allows you to grind-on-demand with the freshly ground portion grinding directly into the portafilter. The grinder starts automatically when you insert the portafilter and enables a hands-free operation.

The Mahlkonig K30 Twin Grinder is electronically controlled (Timer) with variable programming. Single and double shot are preset and counted electronically. The grinding time is less than two seconds for a single espresso (7 gm). Other outstanding features include a software menu in five languages, illuminated display, electronic shot counters, a fan for each grinder, alarm signaling and saving and PIN-protected software for settings and service.


Housing and Design
The compact design with solid stainless steel exterior saves about 30% of the counter space compared to two conventional grinders. The unit measures 14.6 'W x 11.8 'D x 22 'H and weighs 57.3 lbs.

Twin Grinder
This innovative grinder is equipped with a dual hopper for containing supplies of two different types of coffee beans and allows parallel operation of two grinders.

Freshest Coffee
Mahlkonig K30 Twin allows you to easily grind directly into the portafilter, so no more stale coffee for you. Plus it alleviates the cleaning chores associated with a dosing chamber. The holder of the port-a-filter is adjustable for all types of espresso machines.

Stepless Grind Adjustment
K30 Twin features stepless grind adjustment allowing the user complete control over the size of the grind.

Cool Grinding
Thanks to its new flow optimized high precision cutting discs that guarantee gentle and cool grinding, thereby preserving the coffee's unique aromatic oils.

Quiet Performance
Another characteristic of the K30 Twin is the quiet performance- this is a grinder you can actually have a conversation near.

Language Programming
The language display can be programmed to use the English/German/ French/ Spanish/Italian language.

Cleaning and Maintenance
The grinder can be disassembled by the user for cleaning/maintenance in under a minute. It allows frequent cleaning and hygienic grinding.

Please Note: All Mahlkonig grinders are tested before they leave the factory, so it 's normal to find coffee grounds in them.
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