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Eureka grinders are our latest addition. This Italian brand is known for manufacturing high-end, precise and stylish espresso grinders since 1920. The Mignon Specialita is no exception. This little grinder will surprise you with an extraordinary performance, large 55 mm burrs and an extremely precise micrometric adjustment system. It is a doserless grinder so you can grind directly into the portafilter.

iDrinkCoffee.com is pleased to announce that we will be working directly with Eureka and representing them here in Canada. Aside from carrying a wide range of Eureka grinders, we will also be able to offer them at incredible prices and provide our VIM service with the Eureka brand.




The 55 mm flat burrs are made of hardened steel.


The Eureka Mignon features a 260 watt motor, with 1350 rpm and direct traction.

Touch screen

The Eureka Mignon Specialita has a touch screen that allows for selecting between two doses or continuous grinding.

Silent Technology 

The exclusive anti-vibration solution reduces the grinding noise by approximately 20 dB compared to the conventional grinders and paves the way for a new way of grinding coffee: accurate and quiet.

ACE System
Anti-Clumps & Electrostaticity

Conceived to prevent the clumps development and eliminate the electrostatic charge of ground coffee, the ACE System is the common denominator in every Eureka on-demand grinder. Due to its regulating action over the coffee outflow, ACE System ensures an incomparable cleanliness and dose consistency.


The hopper can hold up to 300 g of coffee.

Diamond Inside Burrs

Diamond Inside is Eureka's patented process for thermal cryogenic treatment of burrs at temperature -193 C (patent pending) resulting in the formation of an increased crystal structure that guarantees a superior wear resistance and duration.

Diamond Inside is able to protect the optimal geometry of the sharpening longer than any other burrs typology. It allows keeping the granulometry constant for an exceptionally high quantity of ground coffee: around 1000 kg. While the total duration can reach up to 1300 kg.

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