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Key Features:

  • 50mm Hardened Steel Burrs
  • 1350rpm Motor
  • Stepless Grind Adjustments
  • Easy Switch Between Espresso and Filter Brewing
  • On-Demand Button
  • LED Display
  • Silent Grind Technology

  • Overview:

    The Perfetto is one of the latest additions to Eureka’s iconic Mignon family. This multi-purpose, flat burr grinder has simplified the process of producing some of the highest grind quality possible, whatever type of brewing device you are using.

    Eureka has focused on providing the best user experience possible. With the ability to easily switch from grinding for espresso to brew, a beautiful LED screen, guided stepless adjustments and silent grinding technology, the Perfetto creates an enjoyable dialing-in process for coffee lovers of all types. 

    Who is this grinder for?

    The Perfetto is an ideal home coffee grinder for anyone who wants the flexibility to brew both espresso and filter coffee easily.

    Eureka’s emphasis on quality will satisfy the highest expectations in terms of performance and style, and, with the Perfetto, it aims to address specific needs of the dedicated home brewer.

    What we love about it.

    Eureka has kept itself busy over the last few years, releasing numerous grinders to meet the needs of the demanding home coffee brewer.

    With the Perfetto, Eureka has developed a grinder that can be easily switched between espresso or filter brewing whilst also considering the finer details to maximise the useability and experience when using one of their newest products.

    Moving from espresso to filter grinding is as simple as removing the portafilter holder and turning the dial to the suitable brew device, clearly displayed from Turkish coffee to French press. 

    Stepless grind adjustments help you find the perfect grind size to bring out the most subtle flavours. The 50mm hardened steel burrs, backed up with a powerful motor, make grinding any specialty coffee beans easy and quickly delivers freshly ground coffee, ready to brew.

    When brewing for espresso, simply push the on-demand button with the portafilter and leave it in the portafilter hook to let it finish grinding for the specified amount of time.

    Its neatly designed, minimalist LED screen lets you pre-set two grind times and move the grinder into ‘continuous mode’, which is good to purge any remaining coffee when changing coffee beans or can for single dosing.

    This grinder is also one of the quietest on the market, making it a perfect addition to a space that needs no added disturbances. 

    What makes it special?

    50mm Hardened Steel Burrs & 1350rpm Motor

    This combination is found regularly on the Mignon range of grinders and teams to deliver consistently high-quality results, getting a more uniform size of grind particles, which helps promote a more even extraction and bring out a balanced flavour profile in your cup.

    Stepless Grind Adjustments

    The Stepless Micrometric Regulation System (patented by Eureka) allows you to make the slightest change to your grind size, helping you find the perfect grind size to unleash the full range of flavours from your favourite beans.

    Easy Switch Between Espresso and Filter Brewing

    The portafilter cradle can be easily and quickly removed to make room to grind into a vessel of your choice.

    The stepless adjustment dial is marked with colour-coded zones, giving you a good starting point to find the right grind size, from the finest Turkish grind to a more coarse French press.

    On-Demand Button

    Found perfectly situated just above the cradle, lightly pushing the portafilter into the on-demand control allows you to grind an effortless and convenient way, helping to improve the workflow of your coffee station.

    LED Touch Screen Display

    Easily move between the two programmable timer settings or put the grinder into the continuous mode. The touch screen display allows you to adjust the timer and easily control the grinder. 

    Its +/- adjustable control is some of the fastest we have worked with, cutting down on precious time when creating the perfect grind profile. 

    Silent Grind Technology

    Reaching around 73dBA, this is one of the quietest grinders on the market, helping to make coffee brewing even less of an intrusive task.

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