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Established in 1995, Concept Art is thoroughly dedicated to make life easier for coffee enthusiasts. Concept Art is a German manufacturer, specializing in top-of-the-range accessories for amateurs as well as professionals of the coffee (barista).

Tamping pressure is a crucial variable in creating espresso. If you tamp the ground coffee too lightly, water will flow quickly through the coffee resulting in a weak brew with no crema and if you tamp too hard, the espresso will be bitter and over-extracted. Concept Art Technic Adjustable Pressure Tamper Handle is crafted to keep the guesswork out of achieving a perfect tamp pressure for consistent brewing results. The mechanism releases automatically with a click sound when it reaches the adjusted maximum pressure level. The maximum pressure can be adjusted from 8 kg to 21 kg (18 lbs to 46 lbs.) Made in Germany, the Technic Adjustable Pressure Tamper is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. The Technic Tampers come in a cool range of colors. So select your preferred color and make tamping pure fun.

This tamper is compatible with all Concept Art Bases including the unique "Knock Base" which has a rubber gasket to safely tap your portafilter without scuffing it.

Don't forget to order a base by clicking here

• Adjustable maximum pressure from 8-21kg (18-46lbs)
• Finish: Anodized Aluminum 
• Height: 90 mm
• Weight: 250 g (Without Base)

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