The Bezzera Matrix represents innovation in the world of semi-automatic espresso coffee machines. It combines traditional lever technology with sophisticated software and electronics.

Touch display and changing body colours

The Matrix's 3.5" touch display is not only used to control the double water heater system but can be used to the machine's body colours as desired by calibrating Red, Green and Blue lights on the side panels.

2 PID thermostats

It works with the traditional manual lever unit: dispensing of the coffee begins by pushing of the lever upwards and stops by lowering it once the desired quantity has been dispensed into the cup.

The unit is heated by the thermosiphon circulation system with water coming from a small water heater dedicated to the extraction of the coffee. The temperature is controlled by a PID thermostat which ensures optimum thermal stability in the range from 88 to 96 C.

Features at a glance:

  • Frame and body in AISI 304
  • Automatic daily on/off setting
  • Automatic Backflush program
  • Settable pre-infusion
  • Water filter alarm and maintenance cycles
  • Calibration Intensity and RGB LED colour
  • Selection of supply from the water mains or from the tank
  • Water heater priority setting


    Note: This machine is bench tested prior to shipping. We fill the machine with water to make sure that it heats up and functions properly. The machine is then drained and repackaged.