The'Bezzera'Duo is a sophisticated compact semi professional espresso coffee machine with the production capacity of a professional unit;' With 3 PID thermostats. It combines a traditional brewing experience with sophisticated software and electronics that allow, through a 3.5" touch display, control over the double water heater system.

3'PID thermostats'

The unit is heated by an electrical resistance which is activated by a PID thermostat that keeps a constant temperature.

The second PID thermostat allows adjusting of the water temperature in the water heater dedicated to coffee extraction, which ensures optimum thermal stability in the range from 88 to 96°C.

The steam/water circuit is connected to an independent water heater driven by a third PID thermostat that also allows maximising of the vaporisation power in the case of intensive use.

The Duo's DE version'is fitted with volumetric coffee dispensing managed by microprocessor with 4 doses that are directly programmable from the keyboard; the fifth button activates the continuous dispensing operation.

Rotary Pump

The hydraulic system powered by a rotary pump can use a 4-litre internal water tank or be connected to the water supply.

Features at a glance:

  • Frame and body in AISI 304
  • Automatic daily on/off setting
  • Automatic Backflush program
  • Settable pre-infusion
  • Water filter alarm and maintenance cycles
  • Selection of supply from the water mains or from the tank
  • Water heater priority setting


Note: This machine is bench tested prior to shipping. We fill the machine with water to make sure that it heats up and functions properly. The machine is then drained and repackaged.