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In 1962, Jess Ascaso founded the Ascaso Factory in Barcelona, Spain. The Ascaso enterprise kept on growing until it became a major brand in the world of home and professional espresso machines. It creates espresso machines and coffee grinders with long lasting components where durability and professional performance are the rule.

The Ascaso Dream is known for its great looks and fantastic features. The machine features a 3 way solenoid valve, an adjustable over pressure valve and it comes with an aluminum tamper instead of the standard bakelite and it comes in one of 14 colours. is pleased to announce that we will be working directly with Ascaso and representing them here in Canada. Aside from carrying a wide range of Ascaso products we will also be able to offer them at incredible prices and provide our VIM service with the Ascaso brand.

Changes in the V3
  • the thermoblock boiler is now made of stainless steel and aluminum, as opposed to only aluminum in the V2
  • newly designed grouphead made of brass
  • new steam noozle
  • no need for the conversion kit. Now the Ascaso the ground/pod system into one


Thermoblock Boiler

Its high quality means it can reach working temperatures quickly and in succession. Two thermostats control the temperature of the coffee and steam and a resettable thermostat protects the machine from accidental overheating. High capacity. Oversized to guarantee professional thermal stability and provide quality in every cup. The water circulates through an Inox circuit, reducing lime scale build-up to a minimum. Provides a limitless supply of steam.

Quality Grouphead

The grouphead is made of chrome plated brass. Designed after Ascaso's commercial espresso machines, the Dream UP group head evenly distributes heat and reduces hotspots for more temperature consistent espresso. It has also been designed to evenly distribute water across the coffee grounds for a better extraction.

Professional Gauge

The front mounted temperature gauge monitors the temperature of the boiler in both coffee mode and steam mode, this is a very nice feature for getting consistent espresso.

Vibratory Pump

The secret to a great espresso is a water pump that has the power to force water through the coffee grounds to extract the full flavor from the coffee. No worries here, you have more than enough pressure to extract the best of what your coffee has to offer.

Steam Wand

Like magic, the wand will make perfect foam. In an instant, the steam wand converts the milk in your 12 or 20 oz. frothing pitcher to lovely foam for lattes and cappuccinos. Mounted on a swivel joint, the stainless steel steam wand conveniently swings aside and clean up is a snap. When frothing milk with this machine, please make sure to have the little hole in the frothing adapter positioned at the top level of the milk. Doing it this way will help aerate the milk froth.

Easy to Use Controls

Flip on the center power switch to begin heating up the boiler. Two more professional grade rocker switches now let you control the steam function (far left) and the coffee brew control (far right). A series of indicator lights inform you when the machine is powered up, and when it is at the proper temperature for either brewing espresso or frothing milk.

Professional Size Portafilter

Keeping with the tradition of using only commercial grade components, the Dream UP uses heavy-duty chrome plated brass coffee holders, which feature a rugged plastic handle. Single shot and double shot 57 mm diameter stainless steel filter baskets are included for ground coffee. The double shot size baskets allow you to use more ground coffee per serving for stronger espresso or cups of coffee. Our version of the Dream features the traditional ground coffee dispersion screen. It is not suitable for pod use. If you would like to use pods please contact us to change to the Versatile system. Please note that we made this choice because the vast majority of customers use these machines with freshly ground coffee and the traditional dispersion screen has superior performance to the Versatile system with ground coffee.

Water Reservoir

The removable water reservoir, equipped with a water level indicator, can be filled while operating or taken out and filled at the faucet. The water reservoir is located in the lower section of the machine right behind the grouphead, and the water reservoir can be removed from the right hand side - just behind the steam wand.

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