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Mavea Flow Meter

Rethink Your Water

The FlowMeter calculates residual capacity of your filter system. After the relevant filter capacity is input, the MAVEA FlowMeter will calculate the residual capacity of your filter system by recording the volumetric flow. If the filter capacity is exhausted, the capacity is displayed as negative and flashes. In addition, a timer indicates the recommended replacement of the filter cartridge by causing the residual capacity to flash after a maximum of 12 months. This ensure the filter cartridge is being changed on time.

This Mavea FlowMeter is a great part to have for those of you using a Mavea Purity C softening system (or any other softening/filtration system), or for those of you interested in purchasing one. Based on the hardness of your water, and the size of the system you choose, you can program in the amount of gallons that the Mavea will soften so you know when it is time to replace it.

For example if your water has 10 grains of hardness and you have a C50 system you would type in 254. Once it reaches 0 you will need to replace your cartridge.

Dimensions: 2.4"L x 1.9"W x .7"H
Installation position: Horizontal
Max operating Pressure: 125 psi / 8.6 bar
Flow Range: 2.64-26.41 gallon/h (10 to 100 I/h)
Water intake temperature: 39 degrees F - 86 degrees F
Cable length: 59.1"

Mavea Water Filters are NSF approved.

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